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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  March 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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3 3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear
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3 new this morning..we now know the names of two of the suspects in the deadly terror attacks in brussels. local 12's megan moore joins us now with an update. 3 the two suicide bombers who authorities say attacked the international airport in brussels have been identified by belgian state broadcaster r-t-b-f as khalid and brahim el-bakraoui...the two are can see them pictured here...r-t-b-f says kahlid's apartment was raided last week which led
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attacks suspect salah abdeslam. according to the report they were both known to police for past crimes but nothing related to terrorism. the hunt is still on for the third suspected airport attacker...the explosions at the airport and metro station left more than 30 dead and 250 wounded, including some americans. 3 (diana/witness) "it's been weird to think that there are people so close to you who could do something like that." (emmanuel batiot/ witness) you see it in movie but you cannot imagine people yelling, like they are going to die. 3 there is a memorial at the center of the city for those killed...belgium is observing three days of national mourning.this assault comes days after the arrest of the prime suspect in the paris attacks. but so far belgium athourites have not made a direct link between the two
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follow this story and bring you the latest information as we get it. sheila back to you. 3 coming up at 5:30 megan will tell us how cities in the u-s are ramping up security in the wake of the brussels attacks. 3 a local woman who lived in brussels for a few years is watching the developments in brussels closely. megan hook checked her phone for updates about her friends yesterday. one, former belgian basketball player sebastien bellin, was wounded at the airport. hook and her family lived in brussels from 20-10 through 20-13. she loved the country and is shocked by what happened yesterday. 3 megan hook: "just praying for everybody whose there and the people affected by it and hoping that it obviously never happens again and that belgium recovers quickly because they're really the last country that deserves it. it's a wonderful place."hook says she was thinking recently about how much she misses brussels. she would like to go 3 the attacks bring a certain amount of international
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and experts try to predict -- where terrorists might strike next. congressman brad wenstrup serves on the house intelligence committee.. and he sees a problem there. 141154-141215 to date, what we are doing really is going after our enemy with drones and we really aren't capturing people in an effort to gather intelligence. i'm not an intelligence gatherer expert per se and i think there's several ways of going about that so i'm not sure that torture is necessarily always the way. but, if we're not capturing people then we're not getting intelligence." 3 we will continue to bring you new developments on this story as the search goes on for evidence and suspects. if anything breaks during this newscast, we'll let you know on local 12 and local 12 dot com.megan moore will joins us again for another update at five thirty. 3 they promised a crackdown on shootings and the people responsible.c-p-d showed neighbors they are making good on that promise yesterday. cincinnati police and a-t-f agents spent the afternoon in the west end.they handed out fliers with pictures of seven
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with gun violence in the neighborhood.the group originally went out into the neighborhood in september.the gave a warning that if the shootings continued... arrests would follow. 3 40:30 "we told you that if the violence continued that we were going to make inroads. we were going to put people in jail. those that were pulling the triggers were going to suffer the consequences :40 we've held true to our word 40:42police want to make it clear that the people on the flier have been arrested, not convicted as of yet. investigators are looking at federal charges for some of the cases. that means stiffer penalties and longer prison sentences. 3 we're tracking some surprising campaign wins this morning. senator bernie sanders picks up two out of three contests on tuesday.but he still can't close in on hillary clinton's delegate count.sanders won in idaho and utah.. clinton won in arizona.donald trump won the most delegates on the republican side.. picked up all 58 in arizona's primary... but ted cruz's big win in utah means he will get all forty of the state's delegates.governor
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(sen. bernie sanders/(d) presidential candidate): (:00) in utah, tonight in idaho and tonight in arizona there are record breaking turnouts in terms of voters. (:08) hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate (:25) "understand this is not just a contest between different candidates. this is contest between fundamentally different views of our country, values, and our future." (:39) right now clinton has more than 16 hundred delegates to sanders' nine hundred.more 23 hundred are needed for the nomination. trump is leading with 700.. cruz is in second with more than 400.kasich has 143.more than 12 hundred delegates are needed for the g- o- p ticket. coming up at five thirty.. you'll hear from the republican candidates. 3 if you've ever dreamed of walking the red carpet with an oscar winner, here's your chance.the esquire theater in clifton will host a premiere this weekend for don cheadle's "miles ahead".the movie about
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filmed here in 2014.cheadle is the star and producer, and he's scheduled to attend the saturday event.the red carpet starts at six, with a seven o'clock screening following and and after party at nine at the transept are two- hundred dollars per person, with proceeds benefitting the cincinnati film commission. 3 free college for every student. we'll tell you which city is making it possible for all high school grads.streetcar controversy.we'll tell you why some local lawmakers are trying to put the brakes on
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3 marijuana is more popular among tri- state students than cigarettes...that's according to a new drug use survey. "prevention first" talked to almost 40- thousand young people in our region in grades seven through 12 -- at both public and private schools. alcohol remained the most highly reported use, with more than 16- percent of students self- reporting to having used it within the past 30 days. tobacco stood at about eight- percent use in the past 30 days and marijuana at 12- percent. 3 the cincinnati streetcar is causing a new controversy. mayor john cranley and some city council members want to stop the streetcar during seven so- called "heritage events," including oktoberffest and taste of cincinnati.they think it would interfere with those festivals. city council's transportation committee okayed the restrictions.five of the seven events will get a two- year test.. and then they have to apply again. the streetcar is
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3 a child's toy is under investigation.we'll tell you why a teddy bear is now in police custody.hashtag "man in tree" is trending right now! we'll tell you why the internet is buzzing about
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3 3 a man's plan to ship drugs in a child's toy is foiled, because an ohio clerk got suspicious.columbus police say a cuddly, pink teddy bear had liquid codeine hidden inside with the can only get that with a prescription. police were tipped off about the smuggled pain killer by an
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at a nearby shipping business.. she thought something was strange when the man came in asking to send the toy to memphis. 3 (whitehall sgt. john grebb) (:34) "she noticed it was heavy and it seemed odd to her. just as things went along, he was giving bad information for his address, she was just very suspicious." when that clerk ripped open the bear, she discovered a pint sized bottle filled with codeine. police say they only have a limited description of the guy, who wanted to ship the teddy out of state. 3 nine months after sandra bland's death in texas - the former trooper who stopped her appeared before court.brian encinia pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor perjury charge yesterday in texas.a grand jury indicted him in january. they said encinia lied about what led to bland exiting her car during a july traffic stop. they also cited a discrepancy between his version of the events and what was seen in the dashcam video.if encinia is convicted, he will face up to one year in jail. 3 right now.. detroit is offering two years of free tuition at community college
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high school graduates.the city created a permanent fund called the 'detroit promise' to pay for the will be partially funded by a city property tax.detroit hopes the lure of a two- year- college scholarship will inspire people to move to detroit.the chamber of commerce started putting money aside for the program in 2013. 3 a cygnus spacecraft blasted off from cape canaveral late last night.. bound for the international space station. the unmanned rocket is loaded with supplies for the station ... but it won't be returning to earth.instead, the craft will be deliberately set on fire.nasa wants to see what happens when a large- scale fire erupts inside a space capsule in a zero- gravity environment.scientists will be measuring the size of the flames and how quickly they spread. 3 a man described by witnesses and police as "agitated" climbed to the top of an iconic sequoia tree in seattle .. and he's refusing to come down.the man scaled the 80- foot tree just after 11:30 a- m yesterday.he has a long beard and a red wool cap.. and has thrown apples, orange
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small branches down from the tree.he has also been shouting and making obscene gestures at spectators and responders.a fire truck ladder was able to get close to him, and negotiators have been trying to speak with him.the story has attracted attention on social media.the hashtag "man- in- tree" is still trending --
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3 a new cookie flavor is set to debut.we'll tell you about a new oreo roll-, decorating with an easter treat.we'll show you why peeps
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3 spring is in the air at nabisco.oreo is rolling out a new limited edition flavor. it's strawberry shortcake!it looks to be a vanilla cookie with a strawberry flavored filling.the image of the new flavor was leaked on instagram. according to the oreo leak.. if you want to get your hands on the new pink treat, you'll have to be strategic. they'll be available only at wal-mart, starting april 4th. and they're limited edition - so once they fly off shelves, they're gone for good. 3 rather than 3 satisfying your sweet tooth -- the peeps in racine, wisconsin are for admiring, not eating. the international peeps art show is underway.. featuring more than 100 peep artists.the peeps can be cut.. assembled.. glued.. stapled.. and melted. artwork in the exhibit either has to be portraying a peep or peeps within the piece. imaginations ran wild this year. displays feature donald
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peep sheep.. and a peep snow globe. 3 the hunt 3 continues for at least one suspect who is still at large. coming up at five thirty.. local 12's megan moore will have the latest details on tuesday's terror attacks in belgium. 3 remembering a local high school graduate.coming up at five thirty.. local 12's adam clements has the details on how a young woman will be honored today. 3
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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3 now at five thirty how u-s cities are ramping up security after the deadly terror attacks in brussels. 3
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big wins.we'll tell you which presidential candidates are inching closer to first place in the race. 3 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm.
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3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear
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3 30 dead and 250 wounded after deadly terror attacks in several u-s cities are ramping up security. local 12's megan moore joins us now with an update. 3 the federal government says there is no specific threat of any plots against the u-s but law enforcement is concerned about what it doesn't know. within hours after the attacks in brussels the f-b-i stepped up surveillance of potential terrorism suspects in the u-s, yesterday belgium authorities raised the threat level to four, the highest in the belgian scale. with that the u-s embassy in brussels is requesting that u-s government personnel defer non essential travel to brussels until next tuesday. airports in the u- s...including atlanta, boston chicago, l-a and many others
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officials say there are no known threats. k-9 sweeps at the metro stations in washington were increased. at union station in washington they are also pulling random passengers as they board to go through luggage security checks.also yesterday the governor of new york directed state law enforcement officials to step up security in airports, bridges, tunnels and mass transit systems. 3 (mayor bill de blasio/ nyc) "the community of nations has to stand up to terror in all its forms. one of the best ways we do that is by reiterating our committment to democracy, to values of free speech and openness, to showing the terrorists they can't intmidate us, they won't change our ways of life. they won't make us different. we will stand up to them and we will stand by our values."a tweet from home land security yesterday reads..."we urge public to continue travel, visiting public places, continue w/ daily lives but at
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john back to you. 3 coming up at six, megan will have the latest on the three suspects accused of carrying out the attack. 3 friends and family will pay their respects to a young woman who died last weekend after falling over a cliff.. katie stewart was a 20-12 graduate of notre dame academy.. and a large turnout is expected at her visitation tonight..local 12's adam clements joins us *live* from st. agnes church in fort wright.. where that visitation is being held.. 3 heartbreaking on so many levels.. a 22 year old.. about to graduate college and start her life in the real world.. and now.. she'll never get that chance..katie stewart was hiking by herself at the raven run nature sanctuary in lexington.. when she slipped and fell from a cliff.. rescue crews had to rappel down the cliff to try to save her.. but it was too late.. on top of that.. the boat the crew was using to try to recover katie's body capsized sending six firefighters into the swollen kentucky river.. they
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retrieve her's been a rough week for friends and family of katie stewart.. i spoke with one of her former classmates who says.. right now.. the notre dame community is doing its best to rally around the family.. particularly.. katie's twin sister madeline. 3 "it's a trying time for everybody, but we do have each other.. to pull us through this.. and madeline.. of course has all of us.." lexington police are investigating the accident. at this point there are no details available in regards to exactly how or why stewart fell..the visitation for katie stewart will be at 3:30 at saint agnes church in fort wright.. followed by her funeral at seven..reporting live in fort wright.. adam clements.. local 12 news. 3 katie's stepmom posted on facebook that a go-fund me page has been set up in katie's name.. and while the family appreciates it.. they don't need or want that.. she says all the funds raised will be donated where katie would
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3 donald trump and hillary clinton inch closer.. to their party's presidential nomination.. following victories in arizona's primary. the win gives trump all of the states' 58 delegates.. while delegates will be awarded proportionally for the democrats.senator bernie sanders picks up two out of three contests on tuesday.sanders won in idaho and utah.. clinton won in arizona... and ted cruz's big win in utah means he will get all forty of the state's delegates.governor john kasich was shut out during western tuesday.all three candidates.. are talking terrorism. 3 sen. ted cruz/(r-tx) presidential candidate(:48)"we need a president who stands up to our enemies and defeats our enemies and come january 2017 that's exactly what we're going to have." (:55) donald trump: (:58) "i would close up our borders to people, until we figure out what's going on." (1:02) john kasich: (1:09) "i would make every effort i could to strengthen the nato alliance." (1:16) right now clinton has more
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sanders' nine hundred.more 23 hundred are needed for the nomination.trump is leading with 700.. cruz is in second with more than 400.kasich has 143.more than 12 hundred delegates are needed for the g- o- p ticket. 3 an exciting new development opens at findlay market today. a former commercial garage is being converted into a five- kitchen facility where food entrepeneurs from around the region can launch and their food businesses.five kitchens and four pods were build in the 8- thousand square foot's ideal for future chefs or for someone who wants to develop a product and bring it to market. "kitchen at findlay market" will host a ribbon cutting ceremony at ten a- m. 3 this teenager needs a bike. but, not just any bike. how and why it could really take him places.. just ahead on
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3 riding a bike is something many of us take for granted.a teenager who's never been able to might soon get that chance.. but he needs your help.talon mason was born with a brain malformation.he's non verbal and requires around the clock supervision.he can't ride a bike because of his poor motor skills.. but a specialized bike up for grabs as part of the 'great bike giveaway' would make it possible. 3 (julie mason, talon's mom) 03:21 "the sensation of the wind, the scenery and all of that is sensory feedback for him that would be awesome." 03:29(donna linkous, talon's care provider)19:58 "you know, he has that freedom when nobody's in front of him, nobody's touching him or
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experience the world through another set of eyes so to speak." 20:07talon needs votes to win the contest.we've put a link on local 12 dot com.look for the "get it" links section under the news tab. 3 a surprise homecoming.we'll show you the first moment a father greets his children after coming home from
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3 3 it's been nearly three months since rolling stone published sean penn's interview with mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" actress penn described as his "ticket to chapo's trust" is breaking her silence.according to the january article, penn says while heading to meet guzman they came across a military checkpoint and were waived through when soldiers recognized one of el chapo's sons, who was traveling with them.kate del castillo says that's not true. 3 (kate del castillo/actress) (:22) "i4m mexican, and listen, i am the first one that will talk about the government, i would raise my voice against the government, whatever. i also love mexico, and i, i4m angry about that statement that he did, mean,
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it4s just not true. (:40)del castillo says guzman's associates reached out to her in 2014 and asked her if she would be interested in making a movie about his life.she says the film project got her introduced to penn. 3 a worker who became trapped in a grain elevator in kansas is now out.firefighters received a call yesterdaystating that an employee was trapped in the elevator.authorities say the man was with another employee when he got trapped word on the man's condition. first responders say he was up to his collarbones in grain. 3 supreme court nominee judge merrick garland met with members of the senate judiciary committee on capitol hill.the committee generally decides whether a supreme court nominee can go to the full senate for a vote... but senate republican leaders say no vote on garland will take place.a prominent democrat on the judiciary committee, senator chuck schumer, says he's hopeful senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will succumb to pressure and allow
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(sen. chuck schumer (d) new york)"(:04) senator mcconnell is gonna find himself increasingly isolated in his obstruction. ironically, the only two people he's gonna have in his corner will be donald trump and ted cruz. (:16)some senate republicans want president obama's successor to select a replacement for the late antonin scalia.but, a new monmouth university poll shows that 69 percent of americans think the senate should hold a hearing for garland, including 58 percent of republicans. 3 an iconic designer is making a bold fashion statement.the fashion runways are about to become a little more animal friendly. giorgio armani is the lastest designer to announce he'll stop using fur in all his products starting with his fall-winter 2016 collection. the 81- year- old says his brand is committed to protecting animals and the environment. 3 a navy chief petty officer returned to florida after spending the last seven months deployed in japan... and the first thing he did was surprise his children at their schools.(:06) "i miss you
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share something with you. do you miss somebody?" "yes, my dad." "your dad? turn around." (1:06) officer jarod hope says a lot has changed while he was away from 10- year- old jarod and seven-year-old malik.after reconnecting with his sons, it was off to oakland junior-senior high to surprise his daughter, jalana.and mom was there to capture it all. hope has been deployed eight times, and says he looks forward to taking the family to disney world.
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3 ordering pizza just got a whole lot more futuristic. coming up at six.. we'll show you why robots are involved!a special promposal surprise. we'll show you the tear- jerking moment a football star
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you cannot imagine when you see people yelling. they are going to die. a country in shock and mourning. now at 6:00, how authorities are trying to hunt down at least one suspect and why the brussels attack may not be the end. i learned something very important, if you want to run for president do not run for
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joe biden stars on the presidential election. a surrogate mom, why a dog is comforting the new cheetah babies at the cincinnati zoo. this story gets more extraordinary. >> it's getting bigger already. >> yes, yes. >> good morning, everybody, bob is off today. we will get to the top stories in a moment. the wrct weather is going to be fantastic, might want to eat outside. yes, considerably warmer than it was at this time yesterday. right now at cincinnati, 16 degrees warmer than we were yesterday, clouds continue to roll into the area, and we won't see a great amount of sun sign throughout the day. maysville one the coolest spots, and hamilton one of the coolest spots. the airport at 54 and i did not expect any rain, lots of clouds, the rain and even snow out west


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